A Triumph of Will

WWII. 1942. Will’s brother is fighting the war in the Pacific, but Will is forced to remain behind. Will takes his brother’s place in the academic world of Indiana University, where he meets two students and two soon-to-be-legendary men who will change his life forever.
Will thought he was the only boy attracted to other males, but when he sneaks into Professor Kinsey’s marriage course he realizes his mistake. Will meets Ben, who he suspects is not unlike himself. When his suspicions are confirmed, the pair begins an awkward, halting relationship of self-discovery and love.

Will is shocked that Negroes attend IU. He’s leery and afraid of Adam, but becomes ashamed of his prejudice when he comes face-to-face with the discrimination Adam faces daily. Together, Will, Adam, and a powerful ally join to subtly and surreptitiously integrate IU. But, just as changes for the better come, Will is faced with prejudice much closer to home, prejudice that can only be banished by tragedy.

A Will to Triumph is a story of friendship, ignorance, fear, and the power of knowledge and love to make the world a better place.

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