The Vampire's Heart

The Vampire’s Heart is the story of Graham, a lonely thirteen year old boy, who is searching for a friend and maybe a boyfriend. The novel is a departure from Mark Roeder's usual storylines in a few ways. First of all, this was his first books to include vampires. Secondly, VH is not conceived as part of the Gay Youth Chronicles and therefore has nothing to do with Verona, Indiana and its cast of characters. Thirdly, Graham is the youngest character ever written about. The thoughts and struggles of a thirteen year old are quite different from those of a sixteen or eighteen year old. Graham finds himself swimming through a sea of gray, discovering that the world is not all black and white. Graham is a boy who’s not quite sure yet if he’s straight, gay, or bisexual and part of the story is about his struggle to seek how his identity. The story is more than that, however, for there are vampires about and meek Graham finds himself living a life that he would have thought impossible just a short time before.

Roeder later added Graham, Josiah, and Josiah's son Basil into the Gay Youth Chronicles timeline, circa 2004.

Graham Granger

Other Characters
Josiah Huntington

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