The Perfect Boy

A specter from the past haunts the halls of Blackford High School, terrorizing anyone who preys on the weak. Rumors say that a Goth/skater boy controls the ghost, but can the rumor be true? A mysterious new boy catches the eye of Toby and his new friend, Daniel Peralta as well. The new boy seems too perfect to be real. Is he or will be become the boy of Toby’s or Daniel’s dreams? Cedi is living his fantasy—touring with Phantom, the most popular band in the world. Cedi can’t quite forget Thad, the older, mysterious novelist he’s left behind, but is quickly pulled into a world of concerts, autograph signings, and press conferences. Cedi takes an interest in Ross. Ross has his own demons, however, that may forever prevent him from loving anyone but the man of his dreams.

Cedi Forbes-Hamilton
Daniel Peralta
Toby Reister

Other Characters
Jordan Potter
Orlando Gamboa
Ralph Rogers
Thad Thomas

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