Taylor Jordan Potter

(b. August 21, 1964 d. November 3, 1980)

5’11.5”, 145, longish blond hair, bluish-green eyes. Moved to Verona, IN from Ohio just prior to the events of The Soccer Field is Empty. He is an excellent athlete as well as a writer/poet. While athletic, he is notably less strong and masculine than the other guys on his team. Taylor plays soccer as a center forward and his uniform number is fourteen. Along with his boyfriend Mark Bailey, is one of the best players on the school's team. Has English 1st period. He is a virgin before meeting Mark. His first crush was Billy, whom he met in kindergarten. He also had a crush on Robbie Satterfield when he was 13. Following Mark's lead, he dated Stephanie as cover for being gay. He develops an attraction to her and on their last meeting, have sex. He thinks he could be somewhat bisexual, though he knows his heart will always belong to Mark. Stephanie later gives birth to their son, Jordan. Taylor committed suicide by Valium overdose after being kicked out by his parents for being gay. His body was found at the soccer goal at the far end of the most distant field. Mark fatally shot himself after learning of Taylor's death on the exact same spot.

In Altered Reality, Marshall stops Taylor from overdosing thereby preventing both he and Mark from killing themselves. The school bullying worsens and they live in Graymoor Mansion until Mark accidently kills a classmate. Marshall, Mark, and Taylor runaway to Indianapolis and live with a group of homeless teenagers. Taylor finds work as a waiter. A traumatized Nathan eventually finds and lives with them. Mark is killed by one of the other teens. Marshall admits his tampering with time. Taylor and Nathan assist Marshall with returning life to the original timeline.

After death
Taylor and Mark become angels who protect Verona's gay boys.

  • They send dreams to Brendan warning him about Jason
  • They remove Devon's evil spirit
  • Taylor mentors Skye into being the protector of gay boys
  • They cure Jarret's gunshot
  • They take Devon back into the past and turn him human
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