Shawn Myer

Lived with his father, older brother Tom, and younger brother Tim at the beginning of the series. Following Tom's failed attempt to kill Brendan Brewer and subsequent incarceration and Tim's outing to their homophobic father, Shawn left his home and rented an apartment above Cafe Moffatt with Tim. Shawn was initially closeted because he feared what Tom and his father would do if they found out. He dated Casey Hendricks as cover for being gay after she pretended to be his girlfriend to stop him from being harassed at school. Once his father learned about Tim, he came out himself but remains best friends with Casey. Shawn cares for Tim very much, saving him from their father and playing the role of father and guardian after they move out. He introduces Tim to Dane Haakonson and gives him the talk about safe sex as soon as he thinks they might become active. Shawn is a football player at Verona High School and aspires to be quarterback of the VHS team. After Tim and Dane meet, Shawn feels lonelier than ever and begins a series of disaterous dates with boys from nearby Plymouth High School, provided by Sandy: Cameron "The Flamer" Camden, Blake "I Just Want to Fuck You" York, Riley "Jail-Bait" DeCoteau, Preston "Personality-Free" Presley, and Webb "I'm Shopping Around for a Better Boyfriend" Castleton. He meets his future boyfriend, Tristan Cole, at Ofarim's Cafe. Tristan doesn't immediately fall for Shawn and so Shawn starts hooking up with Blake York and eventually Marc Peralta. Shawn and Marc start spending more time together but Shawn knows they aren't meant to be boyfriends, though they do remain close friends. Eventually, through Shawn's persistence, him and Tristan eventually start dating.

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