Reocurring Themes

There are many reocurring themes throughout Mark Roeder's books.
Spoiler Alert!!!

Gay/bi athletes

Food Obsession

  • doughnuts
  • tea
  • chocolate

Amusement Parks

Old Houses

Non-Gay/Bi-identified Males who have Homokissed or Homosexed (willingly or not)


Guys with Long Blond Hair

Long-term Committed Relationships (in order of longevity, (when relationship began))

Ridiculously Old Characters
In the U.S., students generally enter kindergarten a 5 years of age. Unless they are held back begin 12th grade as a 17 year old. However, the Gay Youth Chronicle characters generally are a year older.
K- 5 yo
1st- 6 yo
9th- 14 yo
10th- 15 yo
11th- 16 yo
12th- 17 yo

  • Tim is a 16 year old 9th grader.
  • Jon is a 20 year old college freshman.
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