Percy D. Spock

Birth Name: Tyler Perseus

Gay author who grew up in Bloomington and returned as an adult.
First love was Daniel Keegan, whom he met while both worked as camp counselors the summer before their 12th grade year.
A prankster, Tyler created fake camp memorandum
In school hangs out with Lizzie, Thor, Jonah, and Shane
Tyler's parents relocate out of state and Tyler persuades Daniel to runaway together.
Due to an accident and parental manipulation, Daniel and Tyler's relationship ended without communication

As an adult, Tyler takes the name Percy Spock.
Tyler, Daniel's son, is both a fan of Percy's writing and a newspaper boy who meets Percy during his move back to Bloomington.
Tyler realizes that Daniel and Percy were high school boyfriends and arranges for them to meet.
Daniel and Percy are assumed to be together due to their attending the Graymoor Christmas together.

Percy and Daniel's relationship to the Verona families is currently unknown.

Percy and his extended family are in the upcoming book, Boy Trouble.

Books found in
Yesterday's Tomorrow
Christmas at Graymoor
Boy Trouble

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