Outfield Menace

Outfield Menace is the tale of Kurt, a fifteen-year-old baseball player, living in a small, 1950s, Indiana town. During a confrontation with Angel, the resident bad boy of Blackford High School, Kurt attacks Angel, earning the wrath of the most dangerous gang in town. When Angel finally corners Kurt, however, something happens that Kurt wouldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams. As the murder of a local boy is uncovered, suspicion is cast upon Angel, but Kurt has learned there’s more to Angel than his bad boy image. Angel has a secret, however, that could get both Kurt and himself killed. Outfield Menace is a story of friendship, love, adventure, and perilous danger.


Other Characters

  • Adam Voegerl
  • Alicia Tulleyfield
  • Allen
  • Andy
  • Bob
  • Angel Egler
  • Angela Yates
  • Betty
  • Bill Sheridan
  • Brad
  • Chuck Corlett
  • Coach Douglas
  • Coach Marley
  • Danny Mackwoods
  • Derek Spradley
  • Doug Finney
  • John Hearst
  • Dr. Newberry
  • Emma Schroeder
  • Ida James
  • Jacob Miller
  • Jesse Offield
  • Joshua Fehribach
  • Kathleen James
  • Matt Taber
  • Mr. Brier
  • Mrs. Gertrude Whitney
  • Mrs. Kendall
  • Mrs. Ryan
  • Noah Taber
  • Rebecca Foerster
  • Ryan Hartinger
  • Sam James
  • Schroeder’s
  • Tanner Nudo
  • Tommy Brody
  • Travis Cremeens
  • Tyler Nudo
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