Masked Destiny

Masked Destiny is the story of Skye, a high school athlete determined to be the Alpha male. Skye’s obsessed with his own body, his Abercrombie & Fitch wardrobe, and keeping those around him in their place. Try as he might, he’s not quite able to ignore the world around him, or the plight of gay boys who cross his path. Too frightened of what others might think, Skye fails to intervene when he could have saved a boy with a single word. The resulting tragedy, wise words for a mysterious blond boy, and a unique opportunity combine to push Skye toward his destiny.

Oliver is young, a bit pudgy, and interested in little more than his books and possibly his first kiss. As he slowly gains courage, he seeks out the friendship of Clay, his dream boy, in hopes they will become more than friends. Oliver is sought out in turn by Ken, who warns him Clay is not at all what he seems, but Ken, too, has his secrets. Oliver must choose between them and discovers danger, a link to boys murdered in the recent past, and the answers to secrets he’d never dreamed.


  • Oliver Twist
  • Skye Mackenzie

Other Characters

  • Alex Allerbrook
  • Anthony Gentry
  • Avery
  • Ben Tyler
  • Betsy Mackenzie
  • Candi Cunningham
  • Clay Vanderhausen
  • Coach Hogg
  • Colin
  • Dan
  • Dustin
  • Elliott Mundy
  • Glen Barrett
  • Glen Wahlberg
  • Greg Whitmore
  • Janelle Stoffel
  • Jarret Dilger
  • Jeremy Herrington
  • Jimmy Kerstadd
  • Jake
  • Josh Finn
  • Kayla
  • Kate Camden
  • Ken Clark (ghost, actually Devon)
  • Kurt Schipp
  • Landon
  • Marshall Mulgrew
  • Mr. Ernst
  • Mr. Morrison
  • Mrs. Kafka
  • Mrs. Leander
  • Nick Selby
  • Noah Cummings
  • Old man Koch
  • Oliver’s mom
  • Sandy
  • Scott McPherson
  • Sean Hilton
  • Sherry Benson
  • Sidney Pudd
  • Glen
  • Jeremy
  • Alex
  • Ben
  • Terri Whitehead
  • Travis Fleck
  • Uncle Jake
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