Mark Allen Bailey

(b. August 21, 1964 d. November 3, 1980)

Brown hair, brown eyes, strong, and muscular. He plays on the high school soccer team with his boyfriend, Taylor Potter. Mark meets Taylor at a school dance and instantly falls for him. When Jennifer Thompkins gives him a hand job during a hay ride, he becomes nervous about being found out for being gay and devises a cover of both he and Taylor having girlfriends, selecting girls who he believes will appreciate their lack of forwardness. He dates Laura and likes her as a friend which makes his continuously feel guilt about using her like that. He beats up Steve because he is hitting on her at the lake they all go to, which eventually earns Mark his respect, making him an ally for when they are outed. His parents find out he is gay by walking in on him and Taylor having sex. His dad tells Coach McFadden about them and his mom tells Taylor's parents about him in an effort to keep them apart. Their actions, however, catalyze a tremendous outpouring of anti-gay sentiment from most of the boys' peers at school. Mark is severely beaten by Devon, Jeremy, Alex, and Rob. Taylor and him find ways to be together, from spending time at the Graymoor Mansion to going to his Aunt Anne's place over fall break. He believes things will improve when she offers up an idea for them to stay with her. Mark finds out about Taylor's suicide Monday morning when he returns to school and nearly kills Devin after he makes a hurtful remark. Mark takes his father's gun and shoots himself in the side of the head that evening in the exact spot where Taylor's body was found.

After death
Taylor and Mark become angels who protect Verona's gay boys.

  • They send dreams to Brendan warning him about Jason
  • They remove Devon's evil spirit
  • They cure Jarret's gunshot
  • They take Devon back into the past and turn him human
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