Keeper Of Secrets

Keeper of Secrets is the sixth novel in the Gay Youth Chronicles. The main character of KOS is a departure from the usual gay youths that dominate my stories. Avery is not a gay teenaged boy; he’s a sixteen year old gay basher that goes out of his way to make life difficult for any gay that crosses his path. Avery gives us a look at prejudice from the other side. Prejudice is generally created by a combination of ignorance and hatred; sometimes unreasoning, sometimes not. By living life through the eyes of Avery, we get a chance to see what goes on in a young homophobes head. Avery’s actions bring him trouble, not unlike an act of Karmic justice. His situation and attitude are not without hope, however. As the story progresses, Avery finds himself exposed to his cousin Sean (from Someone Is Killing The Gay Boys of Verona) and Sean’s boyfriend, Nick. After the initial discovery that Sean and Nick are gay, Avery reacts with typical prejudice and hate, but little by little his attitude begins to change. This attitude adjustment comes about not only from exposure to two real, live gay boys, but also through the eyes of a murdered gay youth of a century past. Through the pages of a journal, Avery gains access to the innermost thoughts and feelings of a boy long dead. His attachment to this youth from the past exposes Avery to new ideas and feelings. It brings to him the realization that things are not always what they seem to be. I don’t want to give away the story or the ending, but I think you’ll find that Avery isn’t quite so despicable in the end as he is in the beginning.

Those who have read my previous novels will find some familiar faces in this one. KOS picks up life in Verona, Indiana where Someone Is Killing…left off. Sean is the other “voice” of the novel and the story also explores his relationship with his new boyfriend, Nick. Ethan and Nathan from Someone Is Watching appear in the novel and Brendan and Casper from A Better Place make an appearance as well.

Keeper of Secrets is the story of a gay homophobe and two gay youths. It explores prejudice and hate, as well as love and the ups and downs of relationships. There’s a touch of ghostly activity too, but that can be expected when part of the tale takes place in the infamous Graymoor Mansion. If you’ve enjoyed my other books, you’ll want to read this one as well. If you’ve never read one of my novels before, KOS will take you on a journey I’m sure you’ll enjoy.


  • Avery (aka Brad)
  • Sean Hilton

Other Characters

  • Andrew
  • Carrie Michaels
  • Dave
  • Edward Graymoor
  • Ellen
  • Ellie
  • Ethan Selby
  • Gil Wadena
  • Henry
  • Joey Burnett
  • John
  • Kane Garret
  • Master Blessing
  • Matt
  • Michael
  • Nathan
  • Nick
  • Ron
  • Ryan Wayne
  • Shane
  • William Graymoor
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