Just Making Out

Just Making Out is the story of adolescent lovers, a young man facing adult responsibilities, and a dead high school football player all following the dreams of their hearts…

Dane and Tim are in love. Dane’s parents and Tim’s older brother do their best to keep them apart, but the teenaged lovers are determined they’ll find a way to be together. Just when life gets better for the pair, Dane’s old nemesis, Boothe, appears in town with an insane warning about a ghost. The warning turns out not to be so crazy when Jacob, a dead high school football player, haunts Dane. The situation becomes more complex as the ghost slowly becomes more human and expresses an intimate interest in Dane. Tim is at first hurt by the growing relationship between Jacob and his boyfriend, then frightened for Dane’s very life. Can he save Dane from the ghost hunk or will he uncover Jacob’s dark secret too late?

Shawn has finally gained the attention of his dream boy, but making Tristan his boyfriend is another matter entirely. To complicate matters, Shawn is responsible for his younger brother. Can he make a relationship with Tristan work while he’s juggling high school, two-part time jobs, and his new parental responsibilities?


Other Characters

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