Graymoor Mansion

Okay, okay, I know what you're saying… how can a house be a character? But think about it. It's 1) alive (as shown in Altered Realities) and 2) a major fixture in the books.

Actually I want to eventually see many locations added as well as they are important to the GYC world as some of the characters. — Ken

Verona's very own haunted house

lived in by the Graymoor family; house was continuously being added onto; was deserted from 1870 when the infamous Graymoor murders occured; the murders' "memories" regularly replay

still abandoned; Mark and Taylor had secret rendevous in the mansion after their parents forbid them from seeing each other; Taylor hid his diary in it; Dane's family moves into a rental house across the street from it

the Hilton family purchased it with its original furniture; the house has so many rooms, the Hiltons haven't been in all of them yet; a crypt is in the basement

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