Dane Haakonson

(b. circa 1965)

ranaway from his home in Marmont to Verona because he wanted to experience gay life; had a crush on neighbor Billy Holmes; met Austin on the street corner after arriving in town and ended up staying with him in the Graymoor Mansion outbuilding; attempted to force Casper to make out with him and then blackmail Ethan Selby and Shawn Myer for sex; dug up graves for Boothe; lost virginity to waiter Armando; Following altercation with Boothe, was raped but then saved by Shawn and Ethan; returned home and started correspondence with Shawn; tried to become a better person after reflecting on events in Verona and became friends with his longtime crush, Billy; had sex with Shawn during his visit to Marmont; after he told Billy that he was gay, Billy dropped him as a friend and later outed him; met Tim Myer at the Selby Christmas party and instantly fell in love with him; after being he harassed in school, Dane's parents remove him from school, sue the school, and move to Verona; Dane's family lives in a small rental home initially then buys the Old Verona High School; Boothe returns to Verona and warns Dane of a ghost while slipping him a silver coin necklace that is tied to it; the ghost, Jacob Brubaker, haunts Dane and nearly kills him in order to resurrect himself, but is stopped by Shawn and Tim;

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