Casper Westwood

Birth name: Clint Westwood
(b. 1966)

Originally from Pigeon Crossing, Kentucky
Shorter than 5'6", slightly built, blond, and very smart
Mother died while he was young and his father became a drunk
His brother Jason abused him sexually and physically
He was harassed in school and had one friend
Casper the Friendly Ghost is a nickname

While a 9th grader, he started dating Brendan Brewer
After his brother killed his father, Casper ran away from home with Brendan
Got very sick and almost died while on the road
Brendan and Casper lived and worked on Selby farm
Likes to garden
His grandmother Ardelene married Jack Selby.
Brother Jason found him in Verona and tried to kill Casper and Brendan but the boys caught him
Jason was sent to the Cloverdale Center and Casper corresponded with him via letters sent through an intermediary
During summer before and fall of 10th grade year, Casper worked as a waiter at Ofarim's restaurant

As adults, Brendan and Casper own a farm together.

Special Trivia Facts:
Hasn't been given a career
(aww… poor Casper)

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