Brendan Brewer

(b. Spring 1963)

Wealthy, popular football quarterback and team captain in hometown of Pigeon Crossing, Kentucky
Best friends with Brad Sawa
Fan of The Lord of the Rings series and enjoys history
Started dating Casper during his junior year
Parents send him to Cloverdale Center, an institution which used electric shock and drugs for treatment of homosexuality
Brendan escaped with co-inmate Chad Pare with the help of Brad and ran away with Casper
Spent time in Purity, Indiana where he worked as a cook at the Red Robin Diner
Fearing that he and Casper would be found, he left Purity and made his way to Verona, Indiana
Brendan and Casper answered a help wanted ad and started working for Jack Selby as high schoolers
Sent dreams from angels Mark Bailey and Taylor Potter warning him about Jason coming to kill Casper
Joined the Verona High School football team and became quarterback in his senior year
He reconciled with his mother who left his father and moved to Verona
He got a football scholarship for Indiana University-Bloomington and roomed with Jeff.
Brendan drives a red 1979 Chevy Corvette convertible and a Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

As adults, he and Casper owned their own farm while he worked as the Verona High School football coach and taught physical education and history

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